Ohio County Emergency Management Directory
Adams Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Karen Howelett
31 Logans Lane
West Union, OH 45693
email: adamsema1@yahoo.com
website: https://adamscountyoh.gov/Emergency-Management-Agency.asp

Allen Co Office of Homeland Security & Emerg Mgmt
Director: Thomas Berger
333 N. Main St.
Lima, OH
email: tberger@allencountyohio.com
website: https://www.allen-ema.com/

Ashland Co Office Homeland Security & Emerg Mgmt
Director: Anne Strouth
1763 State Route 60
Ashland, OH
email: astrouth@ashlandcounty.org

Ashtabula Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Mike Fitchet
25 West Jefferson St.
Jefferson, OH
email: mfitchet@ashtabulacounty.us
website: http://www.co.ashtabula.oh.us/129/Emergency-Management-911

Athens Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Don Gossel
13 West Washington St.
Athens, OH
email: dgossel@athensoh.org
website: https://athensema.org/

Auglaize Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Troy Anderson
209 S Blackhoof St Ste 206
Wapakoneta, OH 45895
email: tanderson@auglaizecounty.org
website: http://www.auglaizecounty.org/EMA/index.html

Belmont Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Dave Ivan
68329 Bannock Rd. SR 331
St. Clairsville, Oh
email: emergency.management@co.belmont.oh.us
website: https://www.facebook.com/Belmont-County-Emergency-Management-Agency-295853698986/

Brown County Department of Public Safety Services
Director: Dominick Daulton
755 Mt. Orab Pike
Georgetown, Oh
email: ddaulton@browncountyohio.gov
website: http://www.browncountyohio.gov/index.php/emergency-management

Butler Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Jim Bolen
315 High St., STE 670
Hamilton, Oh
email: Jim.Bolen@bcohio.gov
website: http://butlercountyohio.org/ema/

Ohio County Emergency Management Directory
Carroll Co Disaster Svcs.
Director: Tom Cottis
106 Kensington Road NE
Carrollton, Oh
email: tcottis@carrollcountyohio.us
website: http://carrollcountyohio.us/agencies-and-departments/emergency-management-agency/

Champaign Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Bill Frey
1512 State Route 68 Suite C103
Urbana, OH
email: ema@co.champaign.oh.us
website: http://www.champaignema.org/

Clark Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Michelle Clements-Pitstick
3130 East Main St. Suite 1E
Springfield, OH 45505
email: MClements-Pitstick@clarkcountyohio.gov
website: http://www.clarkcountyohio.gov/index.aspx?NID=158

Clermont County Emergency Management Agency
Director: Pam Haverkos
2279 Clermont Center Drive
Batavia, OH
email: phaverkos@clermontcountyohio.gov
website: http://www.ema.clermontcountyohio.gov/

Clinton Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Thomas Breckel
1645 Davids Drive
Wilmington, OH
email: Breckel.Thomas@clintoncountyohio.us
website: http://co.clinton.oh.us/emergency-management/emergency-management

Columbiana Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Peggy Clark
215 South Market St.
Lisbon, OH
email: peggy.clark@ccoema.org
website: http://www.ccoema.org/

Coshocton Co Office Of Homeland Security & Emerg Mgmt
Director: Rob McMasters
724 South Seventh St.
Coshocton, OH
email: robbiemcmasters@coshoctoncounty.net
website: http://www.coshoctoncounty.net/ema/

Crawford Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Jette Cander
112 E Mansfield St.
Bucyrus, Oh 44820
email: ccema@crawford-co.org
website: https://www.facebook.com/CrawfordEMAOhio/

Cuyahoga Co Emergency Management Administration
Director: Mark Christie
9300 Quincy Avenue
Cleveland, OH
email: mchristie@cuyahogacounty.us
website: https://ready.cuyahogacounty.us/

Ohio County Emergency Management Directory
Darke Co Office Of Homeland Security & Emerg Mgmt
Director: Mindy Saylor
5183 County Home Rd.
Greenville, OH
email: mindy@darkecountyema.org
website: http://www.darkecountyema.org/

Defiance Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Julie Rittenhouse
22491 Mill Street
Defiance, OH
email: jrittenhouse@defiancecounty.oh.gov
website: http://www.defiance-county.com/public-safety-services/index.php

Delaware Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Alex McCarthy
10 Court St.
Delaware, OH
email: delcoema@co.delaware.oh.us
website: http://www.delcoema.org/

Erie Co Office of Homeland Security & Emerg Mgmt
Director: Tim Jonovich
2900 Columbus Ave
Sandusky, OH
email: tjonovich@eriecounty.oh.gov
website: https://www.eriecounty.oh.gov/EmergencyManagement.aspx

Fairfield Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Jon Kochis
240 Baldwin Drive
Lancaster, OH
email: jkochis@co.fairfield.oh.us
website: https://www.fairfieldema.com/

Fayette Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Melissa Havens
133 South Main Street. Suite L15
Washington CH, OH
email: Melissa.Havens@fayette-co-oh.com
website: http://www.fayette-co-oh.com/emergency-management-agency.html

Franklin Co Office of Homeland Security & Emerg Mgmt
Director: Jeffrey Young
5300 Strawberry Farms Blvd.
Columbus, OH
email: jjyoung@franklincountyohio.gov
website: https://fcemhs.org/

Fulton Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Rebecca Goble
8848 State Highway 108 Suite 105
Wauseon, OH
email: beckygoble@fultoncountyoh.com
website: http://www.fultoncountyoh.com/ema.htm

Gallia Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Sherry Daines
1255 State Route 160
Gallipolis, OH
email: gclepc@gallianet.net
website: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Gallia-County-Emergency-Management-Agency/116420875060160

Ohio County Emergency Management Directory
Geauga Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Roger Peterson
12518 Merritt Rd.
Chardon, OH
email: RPeterson@co.geauga.oh.us
website: http://www.co.geauga.oh.us/Departments/DES/Main.aspx

Greene Co Disaster Svcs.
Director: Ethan Raby
45 N. Detroit Street
Xenia, OH
email: ethan.raby@greenecountyohio.gov
website: https://www.co.greene.oh.us/191/Emergency-Management-Agency

Guernsey Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Benjamin Bonnell
627 Wheeling Ave. Suite 302
Cambridge, OH
email: bbonnell@guernseycounty.org
website: http://www.guernseycountyema.com

Hamilton Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Nick Crossley
2000 Radcliff Drive
Cincinnati, OH
email: nick.crossley@hamiltoncountyohio.gov
website: http://www.hamiltoncountyohioema.org/

Hancock Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Lee Swisher
P O Box 964
Findlay, OH
email: ldswisher@co.hancock.oh.us
website: https://co.hancock.me.us/site/index.php/emergency-management-agency

Hardin Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Keith Severns
1025 South Main St, RM 111
Kenton, OH
email: keith.severns@hardincountyohio.gov
website: http://www.emaohio.org/hardin-county/

Harrison Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Eric Wilson
41520 Cadiz Dennison Rd
Cadiz, OH
email: ewilson@harrisoncountyohio.org
website: http://www.harrisoncountyohio.org/emergency-management-agency

Henry Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Tracy Busch
1847 Oakwood Avenue
Napoleon, OH
email: ema@henrycountyohio.gov
website: http://henrycountyohio.com/emergencymanagement.htm

Highland Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: David Bushelman
1487 North High Street STE 600
Hillsboro, OH
email: dbushelman@highlandcoso.com
website: http://www.co.highland.oh.us/Department%20Home%20Pages/EMA.html

Ohio County Emergency Management Directory
Hocking Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Mark Edgar
52 East Second Street
Logan, OH
(740) 270-9018
email: emadirector@hocking.oh.gov
website: http://www.co.hocking.oh.us/ema/

Holmes Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Jason Troyer
2 Court Street, Suite 11
Millersburg, OH
email: jtroyer@co.holmes.oh.us
website: http://www.co.holmes.oh.us/emergency-management-overview

Huron Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Arthur Mead
255 Shady Lane Dr. Unit-B
Norwalk, Oh
email: director@huroncountyema.com
website: http://www.huroncountyema.com/

Jackson Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Robert Czechlewski
200 Main Street
Jackson, OH
email: rczechlewski@jacksoncounty.us
website: http://www.jacksoncoema.webs.com

Jefferson Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: John Parker
300 Airport Road P O Box 2039
Wintersville, OH
email: jeffersoncounty88@yahoo.com
website: http://www.emaohio.org/jefferson-county/

Knox Co Office of Homeland Security & Emerg Mgmt
Director: James "JT" DeChant
11540 Upper Gilchrist Road
Mt. Vernon, OH
email: jdechant@knoxcountyema-oh.gov
website: http://www.co.knox.oh.us/index.php/county-offices/emergency-management

Lake Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Joe Busher
8505 Garfield Rd., PO Box 480
Mentor, OH
email: Joe.busher@lakecountyohio.gov
website: https://www.lakecountyohio.gov/ema

Lawrence Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Michael Boster
515 Park Avenue-Rear
Ironton, OH
email: mboster@lawrencegov.org
website: https://www.facebook.com/Lawrence-County-Ohio-Emergency-Management-Agency-162773987085586/

Licking Co Office of Homeland Security & Emerg Mgmt
Director: Sean Grady
783 Irving Wick Drive West
Heath, OH
email: sean.grady@lickingcounty.gov
website: https://lickingcounty.gov/depts/ema/

Ohio County Emergency Management Directory
Logan Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Helen Norris
1855 State Route 47 West
Bellefontaine, OH
email: ema@logancountyohio.gov
website: http://www.co.logan.oh.us/201/Emergency-Management-Agency

Lorain Co Office of Homeland Security & Emerg Mgmt
Director: Dave Freeman
322 North Gateway Blvd.
Elyria, OH
email: dfreeman@loraincounty.us
website: https://www.loraincountyohio.gov/254/Emergency-Management-Agency

Lucas Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Abby Buchhop
2144 Monroe Street
Toledo, Oh 43604
email: ABuchhop@co.lucas.oh.us
website: http://www.co.lucas.oh.us/index.aspx?nid=724

Madison Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Deb Sims
271 Elm Street
London, OH
email: deb.sims@madison.oh.gov
website: http://co.madison.oh.us/ema/

Mahoning Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Robin Lees
700 Industrial Rd.
Youngstown, OH
email: ema@mahoningcountyoh.gov
website: https://www.mahoningcountyoh.gov/507/About-the-Office

Marion Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Sarah McNamee
222 West Center Street
Marion, OH
email: smcnamee@co.marion.oh.us
website: http://www.emaohio.org/marion-county/

Medina Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Ben Nau
555 Independence Drive
Medina, OH
email: bnau@medinacountyema.org
website: https://www.medinacountyema.org/

Meigs Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Jamie Jones
41859 Pomeroy Pike
Pomeroy, OH
email: meigsema@hotmail.com
website: https://www.facebook.com/Meigs-County-Emergency-Management-Agency-1152516681465476/

Mercer Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Mike Robbins
321 Riley Street
Celina, OH
email: mike.robbins@ema.mercercountyohio.gov
website: http://www.mercercountyohio.org/EMA/

Ohio County Emergency Management Directory
Miami Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Joel Smith
510 W. Water Street
Troy, Oh
email: jsmith@miamicountyohio.gov
website: https://www.co.miami.oh.us/Index.aspx?NID=753

Monroe Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Phillip Keevert
108 West Court St
Woodsfield, OH
email: philkeevert@gmail.com
website: http://www.monroecountyohio.com/departments/ema/index.php

Montgomery County Office of Emergency Management
Director: Jeff Jordan
451 W. Third St. |
Dayton, OH
(937) 225-4357
email: jordanj@mcohio.org
website: http://www.mcohio.org/departments/emergency_management/index.php

Morgan Co Office of Homeland Security & Emerg Mgmt
Director: John Wilt
60 South Fourth Street
McConnelsville, OH
email: EMA@morgancounty-oh.gov
website: http://www.Morganema.com

Morrow Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Michael Nelson
140 South Main Street
Mount Gilead, OH
email: Michael.nelson@morrowcountyohio.gov
website: http://morrowcountyohio.gov/www/index.php/2013-01-11-19-24-05/emergency-mangement-agency

Muskingum Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Jeff Jadwin
2215 Adamsville Rd.
Zanesville, OH
email: jjjadwin@muskingumcounty.org
website: http://ema.muskingumcounty.org/

Noble Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Erica Rossiter
420 Olive Street
Caldwell, OH
email: nobleema@noblecountyohio.gov
website: https://www.facebook.com/Noble-County-Ohio-Emergency-Management-Agency-181786021928130/

Ottawa Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Fred Petersen
315 Madison St., Annx Basement
Port Clinton, OH
email: fpetersen@co.ottawa.oh.us
website: http://www.co.ottawa.oh.us/ottawacoema/index.html

Paulding Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Edward Bohn
503 Fairground Drive, Ste 2
Paulding, OH
email: ema@pauldingcounty-oh.com
website: http://www.pauldingcountyohioema.com/

Ohio County Emergency Management Directory
Perry Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Jessica Dodson-Pierce
121 West Brown Street, Suite E
New Lexington, OH
email: ema@perrycountyohio.net
website: http://perrycountyohio.net/emergency-management/perry-county-emergency-management-and-homeland-security

Pickaway Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Michael D. Sherron
139 West Franklin Street
Circleville, OH
email: msherron@pickawaycountyohio.gov
website: https://www.facebook.com/pickawaycountyema/

Pike Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Tim Dickerson
2577 Alma Omega Rd.
Waverly, OH
email: ema@pikecounty.oh.gov
website: http://www.emaohio.org/pike-county/

Portage Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Ryan Shackelford
8240 Infirmary Road
Ravenna, OH
email: rshackelford@portageco.com
website: https://www.co.portage.oh.us/homeland-security-emergency-management

Preble Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Suzy Cottingim
6818 U.S. 127 North
Eaton, OH 45320
email: SCottingim@prebleema.org
website: http://www.auglaizecounty.org/EMA/index.html

Putnam Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Brian Hilvers
POB 370, 117 Thatye Drive
Ottawa, OH
email: pcops@pcops.org
website: http://www.pcops.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=section&id=9&Itemid=45

Richland Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Rebecca Owens
597 Park Avenue East
Mansfield, Oh 44905
419 774-5686
email: rowens@richlandcountyoh.gov
website: http://ema.richlandcountyoh.us/

Ross Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Mark Thompson
PO Box 87; 475 Western Ave
Chillicothe, OH
email: RossEMA@rosscountyohio.gov
website: http://www.emaohio.org/ross-county/

Sandusky Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Lisa Kuelling
2323 Countryside Drive, Suite B
Fremont, OH
email: lkuelling@co.sandusky.oh.us
website: http://www.sandusky-county.com/index.php?page=emergency-management

Ohio County Emergency Management Directory
Scioto Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Larry Mullins
729 Sixth Street, Lower Suite
Portsmouth, Oh 45662
email: sciotoema@frontier.com
website: https://www.facebook.com/scioto.ema/

Seneca Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: John Spahr
126 Hopewell Avenue
Tiffin, OH
email: JSpahr@SenecaCountyOhio.gov
website: http://www.emaohio.org/seneca-county/

Shelby Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Kristy Fryman
800 Fair Road
Sidney, OH
email: KFryman@shelbyco.net
website: http://co.shelby.oh.us/emergency-management-agency/

Stark Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Tim Warstler
4500 Atlantic Blvd, NE;LL
Canton, OH
email: tlwarstler@starkcountyohio.gov
website: http://www.starkcountyohio.gov/ema

Summit Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Thomas Smoot
175 S Main St Ste 103
Akron, OH
email: tsmoot@summitoh.net
website: https://co.summitoh.net/index.php/departments/law/public-safety/emergency-management

Trumbull Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: John E. Hickey
640 N. River Road, NW, Suite B
Warren, OH
email: emhickey@co.trumbull.oh.us
website: http://www.homelandsecurity.co.trumbull.oh.us/

Tuscarawas Co Homeland Security and Emerg Mgmt
Director: Noah Porter
2295 Reiser Ave. SE
New Philadelphia, Oh
email: portern@co.tuscarawas.oh.us
website: http://www.co.tuscarawas.oh.us//ema/index.html

Union Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Brad Gilbert
233 West 6th Street
Marysville, OH
email: bgilbert@unioncountyohio.gov
website: https://www.co.union.oh.us/EMA-Emergency-Management-Agency/

Van Wert Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Rick McCoy
1220 Lincoln Hwy, PO Box 602
Van Wert, OH
email: rmccoy@vanwertcounty.org
website: http://www.vanwertema.com

Ohio County Emergency Management Directory
Vinton Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: William Faught
104 S. Market Street
McArthur, OH
email: ema@vintoncountyohio.gov
website: https://www.vintoncountyema.com/

Warren Co Emergency Services Agency
Director: Melissa Bour
500 Justice Drive
Lebanon, OH
email: melissa.bour@wcoh.net
website: http://www.co.warren.oh.us/emergencyservices/

Washington Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Rich Hays
204 Davis Ave, Suite C
Marietta, OH
email: ema@wcgov.org
website: http://www.washingtongov.org/index.aspx?NID=126

Wayne Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Barb Pittard
201 W. North St, Justice Ctr
Wooster, Oh
email: bpittard@wcemaoh.org
website: https://www.facebook.com/wcemaoh/

Williams Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Apryl McClaine
1425 E. High Street, Suite A
Bryan, OH 43506
email: ema@wmsco.org
website: http://www.emaohio.org/williams-county/

Wood Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Jeff Klein
#1 Courthouse Square
Bowling Green, OH
email: jklein@woodcountyohio.gov
website: http://woodcountyema.org/

Wyandot Co Emergency Mgmt.
Director: Dale Risley
401 N. Warpole Street
Upper Sandusky, OH
email: wyandotems@co.wyandot.oh.us
website: https://www.facebook.com/wyandotcountyema/